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BrineJS | IncognitOwl 2D Stealth

2D Top-Down/Stealth/Maze

A-TEN-HUT! IncognitOwl is a 2D top-down/stealth/maze game set in a world of Bats vs. Owls. You play as Jax Tallon, a veteran owl called back into action to be the first IncognitOwl. Utilizing stealth, espionage, and good-ol fashioned guts and know-how, Jax is put to the test as a covert operative. His mission: infiltrate the bat bases, sneak past guards, avoid detection by search lights, and retrieve intel to end the war between Bats and Owls. DISMISSED!

ForCS 20: Game Design Experience RoleArtist • Designer
Date01/2014-03/2014 EngineBrine (JavaScript)
GraphicsPixelmator Team Size4

IncognitOwl Gameplay and Design video, with commentary by me!

Menu Screen created in Pixelmator.

Main Character, Jax Talon. This was the first time that I had to create animals/creatures as main characters for the game. In creating the owls I kept the shapes simple. With long smooth strokes, I approached the character design with style that was playful and fun. I didn’t want characters that looked realistic, rough, or too serious, so to keep them friendly I went with large eyes and vibrant colors.

Two types of art was needed for the game. In-game art, and cutscene art. The in-game art was pixel art, using a pencil brush and sharp edges. I made sure that the pixel version of the characters was translated appropriately from the original cut-scene character art from above.

Corporal Athene Featherwick. She is the female protagonist and all business, no nonsense. In designing her character, we played off of Jax and his headfast, cocky personality and found hers to be his opposite. Throughout the game they have a great back and forth that adds some comic relief to the game.

Lieutenant Alexei Flittermouse. As you might seen by now, all our characters have pun-intended names. Flittermouse is an enemy bat commander and what we did was actually dress him up in Soviet era based outfits. We wanted to base our game world from the Cold War era espionage between the USA and the Soviet Union thus our owls and bats reflect that in their names and character design.

Jax’s Inventory includes Crates, Radar Jammers, & Snap Traps. In collaboration with our game designer and programmer, we wanted to create a game where strategy can come into plan, rather than just pure evasion. We have these above items that players can drop strategically on the map in a preliminary round before the game is live. Though the levels can be completed without any supply drops, they do help immensely.

Tutorial Level

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3